YouTube Douchebags!

I went into my YouTube Insight for subscribers, and I found that 39 people unsubscribed. Really 39 people unsubscribed?! So this means one of two things, that either those subscribers found my videos terrible or that they’re plain douchebags. I mean really why even bother subscribing, if you’re still going to unsubscribe later on. What’s the point? I mean really is there any logic behind it? I hardly ever unsubscribe. You know why, because I’m not a douche. When someone unsubscribers that’s like a slap to the face. Telling me my videos aren’t good enough. So congratulations whoever unsubscribed you’re douchebag. You’re probably wondering why do I care so much about people unsubscribing. Well when you’ve been on YouTube for almost four years then you’ll know. Also I hate when people thumb down my videos as soon as I upload them. That really pisses me off. Yet again it’s like a slap to the face, plain and simple!


One thought on “YouTube Douchebags!

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