Lazy Sundays and channel updates!

I normally don’t put up a lot of channel updates on YouTube but I decided to start making them every Sunday. I’ll record them on Sunday and upload them on Sunday. That way you’ll get an idea of what the week will look like for me. It’s a lot easier to make a quick channel update than it is to write a few paragraphs for me. I don’t know why, but when I write I usually try to make it as great as I possibly can. I’m not saying that I rush my commentaries, I’m just saying it’s much easier for me. I don’t know why but Sunday is a great day to be lazy. I usually go outside and enjoy the weather on Sunday’s, or watch a movie or a show. I normally don’t play games on Sunday’s, but I played Black Ops today. I kinda regret it, because I always rage when I play that game. I think I’m  gonna take a long break from multiplayer games, and focus more on single player games. I wanna start watching LOST again, I loved that show! Sad how it had to end, but the show was slowly going down hill. The plots were getting a bit ridiculous. Time travel? WTF? But I do love the show, I have all the seasons on DVD. Even though I have Netflix, I like watching them on the DVDs for some reason. Today is May 1st, oh summer is finally getting here. I love the warm weather, the smell of summer. It’s so relaxing. Well I’m gonna go outside now, peace everyone!


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