Needle in a Haystack

  Why can’t YouTube be easier for me? Honestly I work my ass off and I get no where. I barely get any subscribers and views. Shit, all this hard work and no pay off? Now I’m not complaining. I have great fans, but they’re so far in between that it’s hard to get excited when you only get like 5 thumbs up for a video that you worked really hard for. I just uploaded a video not too long ago, and it barely got any views, comments, and ratings. Now that’s depressing. I’m like a needle in a haystack. No one can find me. There’s so many commentators out there, that it makes it hard for people to notice me. Seriously and most of the commentators have no personality what’s so ever! If only someone big gave me a shoutout. That would really help me out. All I’m asking if for some recognition for my hard work. Seriously it takes some effort for my gameplay/commentaries. The gameplay part isn’t too hard, but the commentary part is the hardest. You have to think of what to say without sounding like a complete idiot. Tom & Jerry always cheered me up as a kid.  Maybe it can do the trick again. All in all I just have to keep working hard and keep trying. One day I’ll get there…


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