Dealing with Haters and Trolls!

Oh trolls you gotta…hate them! I mean what good do they bring? Nothing that’s what! Then there’s the haters, who for no reason dislike your videos. This probably bothers me the worst, since the dislike is anonymous. At least with trolls you get to read what they have to say, usually it’s never good. Now by no means do I have trolls and haters. Sure I occasionally get a few mean comments here and there, but they’re so far in between that it never bothers me.  Now what I can’t stand is the spam. Oh my goodness, I hate that the worst! Sure you can block them, but they have hundreds of other accounts to spam you with. I never understood why people spammed, who in the hell is stupid enough to fall for that? I mean this isn’t 1999 anymore. People are fully aware of spammers. Yeah like someone is stupid enough to order off a fake website, oh please! Also how the hell do all these spammers find you? They honestly have no lives if this is their source of income. But what can you do. Usually blocking the haters works, but they can always come back and troll with another account. I really feel sorry for the bigger YouTuber’s that have to deal with all the hate and trolls! Especially the spam. I probably couldn’t stand it. If I were to become bigger on YouTube I would have to grow a thicker skin for all the haters and trolls. This is the cost of getting bigger on YouTube and putting yourself out there. Haters gonna Hate!


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