PS4 Gets Revealed (My Recap and Thoughts)

Sony has officially revealed the PlayStation 4 today, check out my full recap and thoughts on the event!


Could the PS4 controller look like this?

Rumor’s have surfaced recently that the next PlayStation controller would be getting a redesign. Sony has kept the same basic design for the PlayStation controller since the launch of the original PlayStation. The controller for the PlayStation 4 is rumored to have an LCD screen.

Now people have been speculating how exactly that would look like. An image of a concept PS4 controller has surfaced online. (I found it thanks to a friend via twitter). Is this how the PlayStation 4 controller could look like? You can do a Google image search on “concept” PS4 controllers and see how ridiculous some of them look like. This one on the other hand doesn’t look half bad. Could Sony show off the new PlayStation controller at their PlayStation event on February 20th? Let me know what you think.