Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Leaked!

A new Assassin’s Creed game was leaked today, called Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. It’s rumored to take place in the Caribbean with pirates.


PS4 Gets Revealed (My Recap and Thoughts)

Sony has officially revealed the PlayStation 4 today, check out my full recap and thoughts on the event!

Could the PS4 controller look like this?

Rumor’s have surfaced recently that the next PlayStation controller would be getting a redesign. Sony has kept the same basic design for the PlayStation controller since the launch of the original PlayStation. The controller for the PlayStation 4 is rumored to have an LCD screen.

Now people have been speculating how exactly that would look like. An image of a concept PS4 controller has surfaced online. (I found it thanks to a friend via twitter). Is this how the PlayStation 4 controller could look like? You can do a Google image search on “concept” PS4 controllers and see how ridiculous some of them look like. This one on the other hand doesn’t look half bad. Could Sony show off the new PlayStation controller at their PlayStation event on February 20th? Let me know what you think.

Xbox Live Experiencing Problems?

It seems that a lot of people are getting randomly disconnected from Xbox Live. At first I thought I was the only one, but when I looked further into it I found out that a lot of people were experiencing the same problem as I was. Thanks to a quick Twitter search, “Xbox Live”. I first started randomly getting disconnected from Xbox Live when I was playing Halo: Reach. It happened about three times, so I decided to play Black Ops instead. I begin to experience the same problem, random disconnects. I even asked the people in the lobby if they were having the same problem as I was, they told me they were. If this is just a minor problem that will go away then there’s no need to worry, but if it’s not. Well I guess we panic? If you’re having this problem as well you can contact Xbox Live Support.!/xboxsupport

Xbox Support via Twitter:

@JeremySlayerr “There aren’t any service issues with Xbox LIVE; Sounds like a minor network hangup. ^KK”

Hmm maybe it is, but why are multiple people experiencing the same problem then? It could be a local problem with the internet, but I highly doubt it. Since “multiple” people are experiencing the random disconnects and laggy connection. Hopefully this all blows over tomorrow.

‘Overpowered’ Perks and Killstreaks gone from MW3

According to Infinity Ward’s community manager ‘Robert Bowling’, overpowered killstreaks and perks are gone from Modern Warfare 3, such as the Nuke, Commando, OMA, and Stopping Power. Other Perks and Killstreaks were leaked today, but he denied them as false info being reported as fact. Even with these overpowered Perks gone from the game and the Nuke gone, there is still a chance for other Perks to be overpowered. Just like how Ghost was overpowered in Black Ops. How much overpowered the Perks and Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 will be, remains to be seen. Until then I’m waiting for E3 for the full MW3 announcement.

His twitter posts below confirm this:

“Lots of false #MW3 info being reported as fact. There is no Stopping Power, OMA, Commando, or Nukes. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait & see.”

“There is no Stopping Power period. We also have no such thing as ‘team perks’. All other #MW3 MP details remain undisclosed.”

If you want to follow Robert Bowling on twitter  for all the latest MW3 info you can follow him here:!/fourzerotwo 

MW3 Gets Official Trailer and Release Date!

Well well well, looks like the official release date for Modern Warfare 3 has been revealed in the world wide premiere  trailer. Modern Warfare 3 will be arriving this November 8th. The game is being developed by Sledgehammer Games and what’s left of the Infinity Ward team. I personally think the trailer is awesome, and I’m actually looking forward to playing the game. So what do you guys think, you excited for this or are you waiting for Battlefield 3?